As the jewelry industry grapples with ethical concerns and transparency issues, we understand the imperative need for change.

At VEEL, we believe in crafting pieces that are not only timeless but also prioritize sustainability.

Handmade In EU

VEEL jewelry is ethically handcrafted in the European Union, adhering to stringent labor laws, safe working conditions, and fair compensation to our artisans.

Our earrings and rings are handmade in Estonia. Our necklaces and bracelets are manufactured in Italy and hand-assembled in Estonia.

By choosing to produce in the EU, we can ensure our production practices are as eco-friendly as possible, including waste reduction and responsible resource management.

Recycled Silver

Our jewelry uses recycled silver from pre- and post-market scraps to minimize our environmental footprint.

We choose recycled silver as mining for virgin silver contributes to environmental degradation, deforestation, and habitat disruption. Recycled silver reduces the demand for new mining.

In addition, recycling silver consumes significantly less energy and resources, making it a more eco-friendly option.

Upcycling Leftovers

The chains we use in our necklaces and bracelets are primarily stock leftovers that we repurpose to minimize waste.

Upcycling factory surplus allows us to breathe new life into materials and offer unique, eco-friendly pieces in limited editions.

No Diamonds, No Pearls

Silver is currently the only material we use. Above all, we refrain from incorporating diamonds and other precious gemstones into our collections.

The diamond industry is linked to various unethical practices, including the trade in conflict diamonds, human rights violations, and environmental degradation.

VEEL jewelry is also proudly vegan, preceding the use of pearls and other animal-derived materials, ensuring a cruelty-free experience for our customers.

Traceable Supply Chain

We stand for the traceability of materials in the jewelry industry to ensure transparency, ethical sourcing, and accountability throughout the supply chain.

Most of our silver at VEEL comes from K.A. Rasmussen, the largest producer of precious metals in the Nordics, boasting 150 years of expertise.

The chains for our necklaces and bracelets come from select Italian manufacturers such as Better Silver, 925 Forever, Dibi SPA, and Tecnigold.

Ecological Packaging

Our jewelry is shipped in a compostable grass paper envelope which is made of up to 70% recycled grass fiber.

Using grass fibers as raw material saves up to 75 percent of CO2 compared to wood and about 6000 liters of water per ton of grass paper production. 

The envelope has a protective bubble wrap lining which can be easily separated for waste sorting.