About VEEL

At VEEL, we take pride in our heritage as Estonian artisans, crafting jewelry with a tradition that spans over a century.

We have partnered with Juveel, Estonia’s oldest and sole jewelry manufacturer, whose heritage of craftsmanship dates back to 1923.

Our jewelry is a testament to the skill passed down through generations, embodying a timeless quality that transcends fleeting trends.

Still Here

VEEL translates to “still” in English. Our collection evokes a sense of tranquility while signifying the continuity of the artistry and the stories woven into every piece.

As the jewelry industry faces global pressure to leave Europe, VEEL is still here to cherish and preserve our rich Estonian jewelry-making tradition.

Still Evolving

While respecting our heritage, VEEL strives to infuse tradition with a contemporary twist, prioritizing sustainability and inclusivity.

VEEL transcends time and gender boundaries. We promote fearless self-expression with minimalist, stackable, and easy-to-wear pieces.

See our sustainability commitments here.